EA Sports Confirmed That Davide Astori Will Remain in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Mar 27,2018

Davide-Astori-will-remain-in-FIFA 18-Ultimate-Team

EA Sports have confirmed thatthe late Italy and Fiorentina defender, Davide Astori, will stay in FIFA 18 at the request of Fiorentina.

When loading up the game, a message will appear from EA that expresses mourning to the defender's friends and family as well as the actions they are taking with his card.

After the heartless players tried to cash in on his death by charging ridiculous amounts for his Ultimate Team card, fans pressured EA to remove Astori from the game. Although he will stay in the game, EA have taken steps to stop this from happening.

The statement shows that Astori has been removed from the Ultimate Team packs, which means that the transfer market will be the only way the fans can  get hold of the players.

And in order to stop people from ramming his price up in an attempt to make a profit, EA has drastically reduced the maximum price of his card.

That is a welcome change that will allow FIFA players to make their own small contributions to the defender in the game while preventing others from heartlessly taking advantages.

The former Florentine captain passed away of a 'cardiac arrest by natural causes' on March 4 in the hotel that the team were staying in. He left his wife and two-year-old daughter at only 31 years old.

Thousands of people attended the defender's funeral and the club has since retired his No. 13 shirt.