When Will The FIFA 18 Team of the Season Starts?

Apr 10,2018


When will the TOTS (Team of the Season) starts in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is an very hot topic now as a lot of fans are focus on it.

Team of the Season (TOTS) is one of the most exciting moments for FIFA every year. With the European domestic seasons coming to an end, they will inject new vitality into the game. In nearly two months, we got new squads from each major league, giving us the opportunity to use some of the best players in the game and powerful versions of fan favorites. Soon, it will be time for FIFA 18 to join the TOTS excitement.

Actually, EA Sports hasn't yet revealed when will the TOTS start, but it is easy to make an educated guess by looking at previous years and the Promo Events schedules. First of all, the World Cup is being played in Russia this summer, which means that TOTS will move forward so that it will not overlap, as it did in 2014. It will have to be sometime around the end of April or beginning of May to allow enough time for all squads to be released before the start of the World Cup in mid-June. In 2014, the ‘Most Consistent’ TOTS (Team of the Season), which is usually the first, was released on April 23, so we can expect that it will be a similar time for this year.

Then, if you look at the currently running Swap Deals Promo, it may point to the start date of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team's TOTS. The SBCs will expire on Friday, April 27, which may be the same day that TOTS will begin. In addition to the European Team of the Knockout Stage, which will likely be released next week (April 13th), after the Quarter Final second legs have been played, Swap Deals is the final Promo due before TOTS in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Therefore, the release date of April 27 is the most reasonable for Most Consistent team. It will not conflict with other things and will leave enough time before the World Cup begins. Of course, this has not been confirmed and we will update it as soon as the date is finalized.

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