Something You Need To Know About FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup Manchester

Apr 11,2018


Within a few days, the best FIFA 18 players will be able to compete for the world's football competition, eWorld Cup qualifying spots, and championship titles. The FUT Champions Cup Manchester will broadcast live to audiences around the world. And during the three days of the tournament, the audiences will have the opportunity to cheer for their favorite players. Here's what you need to know:

What is FUT Champions Cup Manchester?

The FUT Champions Cup Manchester is the second and final FUT Champions qualification tournament in this FIFA18 season. Players must battle it out during the February qualification month with the top 64 players from each console in the monthly standings invited to this tournament in Manchester. This is the second tournament of this season after the January tournament held in Barcelona.

What's up for grabs?

Quite a lot, in fact. First - the money. The prize pool for this tournament is $200,000, with half of the participants guaranteed prize money. 

Secondly, the FUT Champions Cup Manchester is the Global Series qualifying tournament. These tournaments are all part of the road to the ultimate grand final, the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Third, for the top 8 players on each console, the bigger prize is the seat at the next playoff event tournament, which will be held in June. From that tournament, only 16 participants per console will enter the grand finals.

Lastly, up for grabs is recognition. As seen with the Barcelona tournament champion, Dhtekkz, who came out of nowhere, performing well can bring a host of opportunities. Now known as F2tekkz, he earned a sponsorship, numerous event appearances, and the opportunity to hang out with football superstars like Thibaut Courtois.

When will it start and where can I watch?

All FUT Champions Cup Manchester action will begin on April 13 and will run until April 15. The first two days will be closed, with fans having the possibility to attend in the final day. Audiences can watch live on the official EASPORTS Twitch and YouTube channels. The starting time may vary depending on production delays, but it is expected that the broadcast will start around 10:00 am UK time.

What drama can be expected?

This time, the event will take place at a much smaller venue than in Barcelona. Although still large, the event space cannot be compared with Spain’s largest indoor arena. Even if the previous event used only half the floorspace of the stadium, the tension could still be felt throughout the venue. Due to the small space, this tension may lead to more a lot more behind the scenes drama. At the end of the day, the tension is part of the tournament and those who can cope the best will survive.

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