How to Choose the Best Kits in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Apr 13,2018


While you have encountered a real-world team's kits in FIFA 18’s offline modes and Online Seasons, Ultimate Team can let you choose your favorite from the football world. Of course, personal taste will also be the decisive factor, but here are some great options and some tips for making the best choice.

Many players tend to make sure that their two suites are different enough so that they will never encounter problems that conflict with them. For example, I use Read Madrid's Home Kit as my own Home Kit and the FUT Champions Elite Kit as my Away Kit. One is completely white and the other is black grey shorts. So when I started the game,  I would not be in a situation where mine and my opponent’s kits clash because my two choices were so different.

However, I do not recommend using reward kits in modes other than the FUT Champions. If players realize that a kit is one that’s given out for being good, they will regularly exit from the matchmaking screen. Since you can only see your own kits in the Weekend League, so this is not a problem there.

Of course, there are also some good looking kits in clubs around the world that look great to you and you may not be aware of that. Here are some of them, but it should be noted that purchase them in FIFA 18 may be more expensive than other kits:

Osmanlispor Home Kit – Turkish League
Tigres Home Kit – Columbian League
Antalyaspor Away Kit – Turkish League
Sporting CP Away Kit – Portuguese League
Seattle Sounders Home Kit – MLS
U.N.A.M Home Kit – Mexican League

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