FIFA 18: Is Mo Salah Better Than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Apr 24,2018

It is really an incredible news - Mo Salah has just been crowned the PFA Player of the Year - and was rewarded by EA Sports with a brand new 98-rated card. The Egyptian has 99 pace, 98 shoting, 95 passing, 99 dribbling and 92 physical - making him one of the very best players in the game.


However, after a closer look, something does not seem to be the case. In comparison to the Cristiano Ronaldo's 99-rated Team of the Year card, which is rated at 99, Salah's 98-card actually scored higher in a number of attributes.

According to the data from Futbin, the 25-year-old Liverpool star has a total stats of 548, while the Portuguese have a total stats of 534. And the total in-game stats are 2566 and 2510, respectively, in favor of Salah. The Egyptian beat Ronaldo on  acceleration, volleys, passing, vision and nearly all the dribbling sub-skills.


There is no way that Ronaldo should have a 99 and Salah a 98 - except possibly the political nightmare it would cause with Ronaldo if he is no longer the game’s highest rated player. And it gets worse for the Real Madrid ace. When the Dream Team conducted a poll to find out who you would like to become the cover star of the FIFA 19, the 33-year-old Portguese came dead last.

So, who came the top of the list?

Step forward Harry Kane, who defeated the likes of David de Gea, Neymar, Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe became the Dream Team community’s FIFA 19 cover star of choice.

Can we see an Englishman on the FIFA cover this year? Now, there are several catches here.

Salah can be said to be one of names to be on that list. He has been a sensation since signing for Liverpool. In fact, a poll conducted by FIFA website FP shows that 77% of FIFA players want the Egyptian to be FIFA 19’s poster boy.

But before you are excited about the prospect of another cover star, there is another factor to consider. We are almost certain that Ronaldo will sign a multi-title deal. After all, Ronaldo is a brand - and being on the cover of the world’s most popular football game will only strengthen that.

We are likely to see the cover star announced in June - before E3 - in the EA Showcase. It is also the first time we see the trailer, using the in-game Frostbite engine. Stay tuned for more news on FIFA, here at, where you can also get cheap fifa 18 coins online.