How to Vote for the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Community TOTS

Apr 25,2018


EA Sports has finally announced the start date of the Team of the Season (TOTS) in FIFA 18. It will begin on April 27th, the day the FUT Swap Deals ends, and will begin with the Community voting TOTS, which is also known as the  Most Consistent team. 

This year, you can vote for the players yourself. There are 100 nominated players in the community that you can choose. All of those players have been consistently performing well for their teams this season, but they have not obtained any in-form cards at any points. 

Here's how you can vote for them:

First, you need to go to Futwiz or Futhead, where you will have the opportunity to vote. 

Then, you need to form a squad of 23 players from the 100 nominated players that the FIFA 18 community has chosen, but there are some rules - Your 23-man lineup needs to include: at least two goalkeepers, at least six defenders, at least six midfielders, at least three attackers, and no more than four players from one league.

On each site, you can cycle through the nominations and make choices, and then, once you meet the requirements, you can complete your vote and they will be confirmed. 

The 23 players with the most votes from the community will then form the final team, meeting the same team requirements as the voting, and they will be announced and released into packs on April 27.

The above is how you vote for the Community TOTS in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. For more information on the game, welcome to check out our site