The dances of Fortnite perhaps were to be in FIFA 19 in the final of World Cup while Griezmann was taking the festivities

Jul 17,2018

Griezmann brought his signature dance after making a penalty past Croatia.  Based on reporters, EA Sports are thinking of placing the celebrations of Fortnite into FIFA 19. Fortnite has captured football with Alli, Kane, Lingard along with others all upon the board. Fortnite has turned out to be a global phenomenon this year with one more superstars and not even the World Cup final between Croatia and France became safe. Antoine Griezmann dealt with his Signature while having the “Take the L” carnival  after making a controversial penalty to assist his nation to their second ever World Cup. The dance comes out as teasing applied in Fortnite that the Frenchman routinely applies. 

Moreover, it seems that Fortnite was to be in a new genre as Dan Silver of Telegraph states that EA is considering the commissioning of the dance in the imminent FIFA 19. Silver talked with producer of FIFA 19, Matt Prior at E3 that indicated that they might place the dances into the game if sufficient players all through the globe applied them in their carnivals. As it is performed in the final, the dance of Griezmann is to be now permanently engraved into books of olden times. Moreover, the size of the occasion certainly indicates that EA is to incorporate the dance. Moreover, if that was not persuasive enough, Jesse Lingard has also applied a dance of Fortnite during this World Cup.  He performed the Hype Dance after making a screamer against Panama.  Here, the music video for Shoot of BlocBoy JB motivated it.   




Jesse Lingard carried out a shoot dance after making a score of 6-1 destruction of Panama of England. Benjamin Mendy and Kylian Mbappe practically joked with Griezmann based on “L” while sleeping. At the same time, Dele Alli opposed the advice to perform Floss Dance of Fortnite after making a score against Sweden. He has been appeared a supporter of the game while streaming the game daily upon Twitch. His encouragement with England teammate, Harry Kane has come out regularly on those streams and gained more than one hundred games of Fortnite while staying in Russia.


This might not be the first time ever as EA have incorporated a fashionable festival into their FIFA games. The robot dance of Gangnam Style, Peter Crouch and dabbing are considered the festivities that gamers can act in the game. To keep updated with the latest news on FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 along withcheap fifa 19 coins, gamers are requested to have visits at the professional online gaming house often.