Arriving at its spectacular ending in FIFA 19 with The Journey: Champions

Aug 24,2018

The Journey that appeared in FIFA 17 came out as the first its sort. It is the first FIFA saga mode that concentrated upon a single career of character. The selection of user and real match gameplay power it. Based on the Frostbite engine, it is powerfully-delivered cinematics and players would be able to gain the experience of saga of Alex Hunter. The saga kept continuing in FIFA 18 with The Journey: Hunter Returns. Moreover, it is about to arrive at its spectacular ending in FIFA 19 with The Journey: Champions.




the happening of the story, The Journey


Alex is presented as he takes past as a young land for his U-11 squad in Clapham Common of London. As the scene makes known, a good number of other associates of The Journey cast are met. Here the associates are the childhood best pal of Alex, Gareth Walker, the mother of him, Catherine, the father of him, Harold and his grandfather Jim. As a stunning penalty shootout occurred, the saga moves faster and it appears seven years ahead. It is an exit trial at the National Football Academy. At this place, both Gareth and Alex take part to make an impression over scouts of Premier League. At this academy, Alex also convenes with Danny Williams. Danny is another promising player that is taking part in the exit trails and he provides a hard time to Alex all through the occasion.


After finishing the exit trial, a football agent approaches Alex. The Agent is named as Michael Taylor that finally recruits him to be his first agent.  Michael finds a professional contact for Alex with the Premier League club of his selection. Later Gareth is found as he signed for the identical club as well. The two young players participated at the preseason in the United States together. However, Alex only appears for playing for the club for a short time when it is figured out as the club has an agreement with a superstar. It indicates that he is appearing on loan to a Championship Club. 


As early as Alex reaches at his new club, he meets an old friend based on a chance and friend is named as Danny Williams. Alex became impressed upon loan together with Danny as the two grow a close partnership. However, he receives an unexpected recall from his parent club in the mid of the season. It spots that this occurred because of departure of Gareth from club. It is for their biggest competitor.  It indicates that Alex is to fill the boots of his old friend. To be familiar with the imminent finale to the saga, The Journey: Champions in FIFA 19, gamer is to visit at Fifacoinsbuy.Com in which he can also have the best professional consultation on fifa 19 ut coins along with other gaming issues.