The confirmation of Chinese Super League in imminent FIFA 19

Aug 27,2018

Though it is not sure from EA, there appear some official pieces of information from an associate of their Game Changer program. The information makes it possibly confirm that The Chinese Super League is getting involved with FIFA. In a published video online, gamer can visualize the teams from the league exhibition. It is from the brands of longtime FIFA YouTuber Alex "Kazooie94" of the current gaming conference, GamesCom 2018.


Kazooie appeared as the guest of EA became able to captivate and discuss the gaming footage from a developed construction of FIFA 19. In the beginning of this summer, a gaming convention in HongKong took place and it displayed graphics while disclosing a partnership with the league of EA. Certainly, it seems that CSL might be the title of fall. However, one source made a caution to Futhead that the instant influence of console of the license was not fixed in stone. Moreover, it is to remember that EA presently does have a dedicated Chinese Language port of their FIFA mobile title being accessible all through the Tencent platform in Asia.




Based on a post appeared on the Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Weibo, it is apparent that the availability of FIFA 19 is to ensure the league. Again, it appeared with the deleted form later. Until now, English language upon the record is confirmed. As their rankings are not fixed in stone, it is to be tweaked right up. It is unless the code of title is finished. The previous Villareal in-form magnet Cedric Bakambu, Yannick Carrasco, ex-Atleti FUT staples Nico Gaitan, and obviously, the past Brazilian Hulk all come back to FUT 19 according the display of video of  Kazooie. Immediately, there is the confirmation of Chinese Super League based on English-language.  


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