Qualifying the Weekend League of FIFA 19 based on the process

Sep 05,2018



It is a massive achievement to be FUT Champions. If gamer likes to be the part of the most competitive FIFA 19 gaming mode, initially gamer is to require qualifying the Weekend League. Gamer is to be accustomed to the process of it. Gamers that are waiting for the FIFA 19 and playing the existing iteration of the franchise can opt for cheap fifa 19 coins online to find the upper hand in the very beginning of the gameplay of FIFA 19.


None is familiar with it; however, the competitors of FUT Division are not the only path to qualify the Weekend League. Gamer can deal with the process in one of the three paths. These include FUT Divisions Rivals, Weekend League, and Self-service Tool. Now, it is better to analyze the process to appear at the Weekend League.


FUT Divisions Rivals


DKTs are available in FIFA 19 as these are like in FIFA 18 along with the past iterations. Here, FUT Divisions Rivals replaced them and they are identical with the online season. This one also was substituted. However, it is based on the better prizes. If gamer likes to be eligible for the Weekend League, he or she is to require taking part at 1200 points of FUT Champions that can be done through playing of FUT Rivals. The gaming mode often obtainable and they do have diverse prizes without requirements. If gamer overcomes a token, he is already been eligible; however, without any restriction, he keeps playing FUT Rivals. Arriving at division one does not make gamer become eligible anymore. 


Weekend League


If gamer is a good FUT Champions player, gamer possibly does not have to play FUT Rivals to be eligible for the Weekend League of FIFA 19. To deal with it, it is to apply weekly matches of gamer to overcome the requested twelve-hundred points. When gamer plays well, he is to seize more points. This is suitable for any platforms including PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. If gamer arrives at the Silver level, it does not make gamer become eligible any longer.


Self-Service Tool


If gamer becomes separated for some times during attempting to be eligible for the Weekend League, gamer can figure out a formal tool that helps gamer become eligible. There is only active FIFA 19 FUT Clubs that can go for placing the request of accessibility for FUT Champions Weekend League. If this is the instance of gamer, here, gamer is to appear at the tool page to be certain that he is signed in.



The process is to analyze the account of gamer and it is to qualify automatically or not. It is to recall as it is not to be abused with this tool. It must be applied for some good causes as gamer is not appearing at the qualification stage. It is to recall that the preferred token of gamer can be applied for the Weekend League. Take fifa coins online based on dire needs while procuring the best available players to build a dream FIFA 19 squad.