FIFA 19 Adds New Random Celebration Function

Sep 17,2018

FIFA 19 is set to bring a plethora of new attributes and gameplay modifications towards the series, but the one which has fans talking probably the most, is its smallest addition, the potential to press a button for a random celebration.

That is correct, the days of becoming paralyzed right after scoring a 35-yard screamer with Charlie Adam with what celebration to choose, are over: it is possible to now just leave it up to possibility.

What's unclear is if there's any limitations to this function. For example, is Cristiano Ronaldo's signature celebration not in the pool of attainable celebrations? Can we do flips with Manchester United's Fellani? Can we make Peter Crouch dab? Who knows. Similar celebration restrictions in past games are likely nevertheless present, but in the moment it is unclear if this really is the case for FIFA 19.


A different modify the game tends to make to celebrations is the fact that it seems you'll be able to no longer manage where your character goes just after scoring, rather there's a set path now. In other words, there is no running and diving into the net, a FIFA pastime, or operating to the halfline as Wayne Rooney then dabbing, another FIFA pastime.

Personally, I'm a large fan of the addition of random celebrations. For one, I can never ever discover and keep in mind most of the celebrations, and so what winds up happening is I do precisely the same few each and every time. Plus, I normally cannot be bothered to fondle the joystick within a million directions to pull off specific celebrations, since I am commonly screaming my head off. This also adds a good layer of unpredictability, like in genuine life. Now you will not know what celebration Leon Bailey will break out when firing past FC Koln.

FIFA 19 is poised to arrive on September 28 through the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One , Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and Pc. For extra news, information and facts, and media around the game, you'll want to check out all of our prior coverage from the title by clicking right here.