'FIFA 19' video game: Release date, Champions League options and anything you'll need to understand

Sep 25,2018

The latest installment of EA Sports' soccer video game series drops this week. The highly-anticipated "FIFA 19," which hits the shelves on Sept. 28, has undergone lots of changes since last season with a new timed shooting feature, no guidelines mode and much more, and this year's edition capabilities Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus on the cover. 

You'll find 3 issues that genuinely stand out within this game in comparison to final season, and here's what to understand ahead of the release. 



Champions League belongs to 'FIFA'

New to 'FIFA 19' is definitely the ability to play in the Champions League, that is officially licensed. The license for the UCL belonged to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer for many years, but following that deal expired EA Sports scooped it up actual fast. So if you play profession mode, for anyone who is qualified for the competition, you can get to play in it with all of the real television graphics, the anthem and much more.


The addition adds for the realism from the game as it shows the true trophy, the cup logo around the jerseys and much more. Here's a taste of what it appears like:

The Journey

The Journey with Alex Hunter is back. The story mode of the game returns with three stories featuring Hunter, Kim Hunter and Danny Williams as they full their very own ride by way of the soccer world. Within this edition, Hunter has joined Real Madrid as Cristiano Ronaldo's replacement as he aims to create it towards the prime.

Kick-off 2.0

Video games are all about getting enjoyable, so EA Sports aimed to offer fans a lot more solutions in terms of playing swift pick-up matches against mates around the similar program. The new kick-off mode enables stat tracking, but the coolest feature may be the property guidelines. You can play some exciting, new match modes which can be far from realistic but all concerning the exciting, which will appeal to lots of. 

One example is, there's a survival mode exactly where each time you score a goal you lose a player, generating the challenge of winning even harder. There is certainly also a setting where you could only score on headers or volleys, another mode where for those who score from outside the box it counts for two objectives, plus the wildest one particular -- no rules. So there is no offside, but you will discover also no fouls. You are able to go cleats up from behind as considerably as you need, and no foul is going to be named.

It is the mode Pepe and Sergio Ramos often dreamed of.read more, click here