FIFA 19 Physical Sales Are Down 25%

Oct 08,2018

FIFA19 has become the hottest game in the UK last week, but its first-week physical sales have fallen sharply: FIFA19's physical game sales have dropped 25% compared to last year's FIFA18.


All this tells us is the fact that people are altering the way they play FIFA, with lots of gamers opting to download the game, instead of break the seal day one. Whilst those who take the digital route miss the opportunity to eventually sell/trade their copy, they get a plethora of positive aspects. With EA's Origin program, you could've gotten limited early access to FIFA 19. For futbol fanatics, those sort of incentives are sufficient to push them to the digital side.

In the console. The PS4 of FIFA19 accounts for 64% of total sales, the Xbox One accounts for 35%, and the Nintendo Switch Edition accounts for only 1%. Sales on the "19" previous generation console (PS3, Xbox360) were negligible. for more information, please click here