5 of your best clubs in the FIFA19 career mode

Oct 09,2018

Football fans and football game fans all over the world have finally welcomed the new FIFA19. The new version of FIFA re-introduced the Champions League and Europa League events, and fans can show off their skills in the electronic world and experience the pride of Europa.


One of the most popular modes in the game is the career mode, through which he can experience the thrill of leading and guiding a team to fight the country and compete for European glory. Many fans are of course happy to pick the big clubs that they are familiar with and follow. After all, the super star lineup and the thrill of the squandering are noisy, but fifacoinsbuy wants to recommend a few equally powerful but not so conspicuous, suitable for the starting club.



Ajax is a team known for cultivating young talents and training them as potential superstars. He is definitely worth experiencing in his career mode. The team's previous seasons were challenging and fun. Your initial budget was only £2,300. I'm afraid it's not as good as a giant's substitute, so you have to be careful to find those who have potential rather than already. A well-known player. And with the already young talents of Van der Beck, Matthew Dricht, De Jong, etc., Ajax's growth and prospects will make you very happy.



The Bundesliga is no longer the best league in Bayern. Dortmund, Leipzig and Schalke are slowly narrowing the gap. Another potentially powerful challenger is Leverkusen. There is a budget of 40 million pounds at the beginning, although not much but enough to try. The team already has front-line talents including Hafitz, Leon Bailey and Julian Brant. There are also excellent defensive players like Henrichs. The most important thing is to keep patience. I believe that many talented players in the team will never let you think that they will be so good.



If you are passionate about Serie A, or just want to challenge the edge of the old woman Juventus, then Inter is definitely a good choice for you. There are 39.5 million pounds in the opening, and the league is ranked fifth in the position of not high or low, not much but enough to reinforce the lineup. For the Inter Milan lineup that has already introduced Nain Grand, Defry and Keita, there is not much you need to do. More importantly, there are already many players in the team including Icardi and Pericic. This should be one of the most popular non-popular teams in your career mode.



Paris Saint-Germain has been governing Ligue 1 for some time. How can we build a club that challenges this hegemon? This is a challenging subject, and Xiaobian will say that it is better to try Lyon. The £32 million transfer budget is already the third-largest transfer fee for a single Ligue, and it means that your choice is small but critical. Lyon has famous players including Fei Keer and De Pei, as well as demon people like Cornett and Oyar. Building a long-term Lyon against Big Paris will make you happy.




Few of them have just been promoted to the Premier League and will be seen as a team that must play in the career mode, but the Wolves have done it, and their performance this season has made the entire Premier League look impressive. This central England team has been heavily invested in recent seasons and has changed its face. Without a £56 million transfer budget, the team's lineup is enough to keep them in the Premier League. Midfielder Ruben Neves, Moutinho and experienced goalkeeper Patricio join, with both Dunderk and Portugal's new star Ruota can make you challenge any team in the Premier League strength. want to get more fifa coins? go to fifacoinsbuy.com to build a dreadm ultimate team!