FIFA 19 Update Patch Notes Now

Oct 11,2018

The FIFA 19 1.02 UPDATE is now live on PS4 and Xbox A single. Not just is this EA's very first true crack at tweaking and fixing several bugs and glitches, there's also been an injection of fresh content, including new celebrations. Alongside the ULTIMATE team Changes plus a large PENALTY/SET PIECE Fix, it all amounts to a game-changing update. So, what are you currently waiting for? Get able to dive into the FIFA 19 1.02 update patch notes.



FIFA 19 1.02 Update C Set Piece Energy Fix, Shooting Bug, Far more

If you've been playing FIFA 19 religiously, you will have noticed a critical error in regards to the SHOT Energy At no cost KICKS AND PENALTIES. Prior to the 1.02 update, players will additional normally than not see their free kick and penalty takers place 100% power on set pieces in spite of inputting far much less than that. It normally resulted in spurned chances and heartbreaking misses. You'll be pleased to know that's been fixed.

Elsewhere, another irritating SHOOTING BUG has been buffed out. As EA explains, Sometimes, when the player requests a frequent (laces) shot, they will get an inside of your foot shot animation alternatively. Many felt it was a problem with Timed Finishing but, because the patch notes show, this isn't really the case.

Other fixes include replays now being shown in complete, unless both players make a decision to skip, which can be a godsend for all those Ultimate Team howitzers. There's even a new celebration for jesse lingard. Presumably the Manchester United player'Jlingz' celebration which includes spelling out his initials applying his hands is now inside the game. He's 25.

Finally, and hilariously, the PETR CECH Career MODE GLITCH which saw the shot-stopper rock up to contract negotiations in his trademark scrum cap has been changed. He now has a tie and no helmet. Just the way he likes it.for more details, please click here