The milieu of FIFA 19 Halloween

Oct 17,2018

FIFA 19 Halloween comes out as an FUT promotion that occurs on one occasion in a year to memorialize Halloween day. It normally covers one more packs as the presentations on the FUT store. There are also the inclusions of themed kits, new squad building challenges along with some other surprises. It is like the disclosure of the Ultimate Team Scream Cards. .




defining the Halloween Promotion of FIFA 19


Halloween appears a festivity that is watched in a good number of countries on 31 October based on the eve of the Western Christian feast of Day of All Hallows. Electronic Arts also commemorates the Halloween while making the first themed promotion of the season.  When the FIFA 19 Halloween promotion keeps occurring, Electronic Arts discloses some presentations of FUT pack, Ultimate Team Scream Cards, themed kits, and squad Building Challenges. This kind of promotion is not one of the most well liked ones; however, it is still vital due to its appearance as the first one.


The promotion on Halloween has started occurring since the time of FIFA 16. This time FIFA 19 Halloween Event is to take place from 19 October to 01 November 2018. Buy the best handmade Fifa 19 Coins from Fifacoinsbuy.Com affordably to make a superb FIFA 19 team.


considering the rules of FIFA 19 Halloween Cards


Promoting the event, Electronic Arts presented a brand new themed card in FIFA 17. The Ultimate Team Scream cards are given to a choice of twenty-three players. The selection occurs depended upon the exceptional actual world performances, FUT traits, records, and launched all at once in a single squad of FUT.  


Based on the occurrences last years, the expected formal rules can be available this time as well. These are rule 1- availability, rule 2- ratings and stats, rule 3-winter upgrades, and rule 4- squad building challenges.  


about rule 1-availability  


FIFA 19 Scream cards turn out to be obtainable in packs for an entire week. While this period is going on, the corresponding regular card is replaced other than color cards.  On the other hand, gamer cannot figure out a regular card of a Scream player while the Halloween event is going on.




If a gamer possesses the regular card of a scream player, the card of gamer is not to be altered. If gamer likes the new edition, he is to require purchasing the corresponding edition in the market or take it from a pack during that week.



For gamer, the unusual matters of taking one of these Scream cards from a pack are accurately the identical as taking the day 1 card of that player in other time.  


rule 2 – ratings and stats


Between 19 October and 26 October, twenty-three Ultimate Scream players are to be disclosed in packs with upgraded rankings as distinct items. Conversely, these upgrades are almost only be obtainable when the Halloween period is available between 29 October and 01 November.


rule 3- Winter Upgrades


Subject to the availability of upgrading of player, the scream card of gamer is to be upgraded.


rule 4- Squad Building Challenges


When the Ultimate Scream items become enhanced, they can be applied in any SBC at their optimum ranking.


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