FIFA 19's latest update is pretty key, nerfs bicycle kicks

Oct 24,2018


Those of you who have been fed up of FIFA 19's superpowered bicycle kicks can rest straightforward, as EA Sports has rolled out a brand new update for the game that brings them down a really serious peg or two.

The patch notes confirm that the update addresses concerns that saw players capable to perform the move in 'unrealistic conditions,' as well as executing them without meeting the expected Agility attribute. Other occasions the animation for the kick was performed too rapidly, so EA's fixed this trouble, as well. 

Elsewhere, you may now modify up your Game Plans in FIFA 19's pause menu, even though complications with the game's on the internet mode, like instances where the pause menu wouldn't close, have been ironed out.

Your opponent can now no longer skip your objective replays during an online match, while many glitches and collision challenges have also been fixed.

To be fair there is an enormous list of changes, so have a gander at the complete patch notes for more details.

FIFA 19 launched for PlayStation 4, pc, and Xbox One in late September. Colm is VideoGamer's resident footie fanatic, and he believed it was the 'finest playing game inside the series.' I assume that means he liked it. for more FIFA TITLE UPDATE details click here