FIFA 19 Flashback SBC FUT Cards

Dec 05,2018

A FUT Flashback card is essentially a snapshot of a player in his prime. Some footballers practical experience a golden period in their career, these new FUT cards are created so that you can represent a player's capacity in the course of this time.

FIFA Flashback cards are produced for players who are nonetheless at the moment active and not however retired. FIFA 19 Flashback players get a considerable upgrade in comparison to their common FUT card and will not be offered in packs.

These particular cards are untradeable and available exclusively by way of SBC (Squad Developing Challenge). The release schedule of these cards is unconfirmed, all we know is that they're periodically released all through the FUT year.


below we've got included a video of TVM Reviews' predictions for these cards, as well as an explanation as to why he has integrated every player. You may come across the full list of confirmed flashback cards for FIFA 19 under the video!

FIFA 19 Flashback Predictions

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Dani Alves 90 (RB)

Earn a Flashback Alves celebrating his 2010/2011 Season (Untradeable)

SBC available from December 3-6, 2018


Kevin-Prince Boateng 87 (CM)

Earn a Flashback Boateng celebrating his 2010/2011 Season (Untradeable)

SBC available from November 30 - December 2, 2018

Alexandre Pato 88 (ST)

Earn a Flashback Pato celebrating his 2008/2009 Season (Untradeable)



Daniel Sturridge 88 (ST)

Earn a Flashback Sturridge celebrating his 2013/2014 Season (Untradeable)



SBC available from November 23-25, 2018



Javier Hernández 87 (ST)

Earn a Flashback Chicharito celebrating his 2010/2011 Season (Untradeable)

SBC available from November 19-22, 2018


Pedro Rodríguez 87 (RW)

Earn a Flashback Pedro by trading 14 November FUT Swap Deals players (Untradeable)