FIFA 19 1.10 Update Patch Notes

Feb 27,2019

FIFA 19 1.10 Update Patch Notes

EA SPORTS  pushed the update patch again for fifa19 this week, this is the ninth update patch of the season. This patch update is mainly for the manual control of the goalkeeper to move and the BUG in the game to adjust


Primarily, players choose to switch positions en masse in Ultimate Team this year, with wingers playing defensive midfield, attacking midfielders playing wide, and so on. It genuinely does not allow you to play for your strengths, and you have to go out of the technique to fix it. That has, in line with the patch notes below, now been fixed.

Pro Clubs has also noticed a comparable bug, wherein your CAM Pro will be judged as a left back in game, which means he would also be told he was out of position and not performing his right duties. So, unless you were secretly Roberto Carlos playing within a number 10 role, you’ll feel additional at household now.


Not to be confused with Manuel goalkeeper movement , the ability to move your keeper amongst the sticks making use of the stick has been nerfed once again, which is following on from a considerably downgrade located within the FIFA 19 1.09 update.

and that’s fairly a great deal your lot for the FIFA 19 1.10 update. There’s also a minor alter involving the post-game overall performance screen not correctly displaying your player general attributes correctly. That is all been buffed out now. The fact that that is even pointed out is perhaps a sign of how low-key an update it is, but the position swap bug becoming fixed could be amazing as we attain the latter half of the game’s life-cycle.

FIFA 19 1.10 Update Patch Notes

Made the following changes

Further reduced the speed of the goalkeeper when being controlled by manual movement during open play
This change builds further on the change that was made in Title Update 7.
Addressed the following issues:

Players were sometimes swapping positions on the pitch without any changes being requested by the controlling player.

Addressed the following issues:

Sometimes, in a FUT Online Match, a player’s overall rating would be displayed in the Player Performance screen incorrectly

Addressed the following issues:

In Pro Clubs, when playing with your Virtual Pro locked to the CAM position, they would sometimes be treated like a LB in terms of positioning and player rating.