Football for Hope encourages social work

May 12,2014

An auditorium filled with about a hundred full of energy and willing to learn and exchange information people. So it took the first step of the Football for Hope adidas Exchange Programme in Brazil. The workshop held in Rio de Janeiro on 7, 8 and 9 May as part of a collaboration between adidas and FIFA to strengthen the knowledge of NGOs in Brazil and the rest of the world .


The Rio edition of the Exchange Program adidas, organized locally by the social project Karanba , brought together more than 40 NGOs interested in sharing knowledge and experience and receive while training on resource mobilization strategies for achieving funds and soccer instruction.


" Football for Hope is a concept. It is a philosophy of FIFA to recognize that those who best know the difficult social issues faced by communities around the world are the people there , local . And solutions must also be local . Our role is not to implement a FIFA program in communities, but recognize the great work they are doing and support organizations , "said Federico Addiechi , Director of Corporate Social Responsibility FIFA. " Here we had the opportunity to combine both. The Football for Hope standing , having FIFA and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. So many organizations have participated . It is the largest program we have done so far. This will leave a legacy of recognition of what football can do to improve our society. "


In the field of development and training, the adidas Exchange Programme includes sessions in which organizations work together to discuss existing practices , key success factors and skills needed to seek improvements in areas previously identified performance measures . Are also invited on specific issues , to share their knowledge with the participants.


"The training has allowed us to delve into elements that are critical to achieve it, and get a quality project that can benefit from the Law of Incentives " said Fernanda Desbesel Appelt , Project Management Institute Lenon Joel Pela Paz ( Lenon Institute Joel for Peace ) , which works with children and adolescents in São Leopoldo , in the state of Rio Grande do Sul , and aims to receive federal funding for their school, under the Law of Incentives . "In the area of communication, we have delved into what we already do , which is to connect to partners and the local community , but thinking of using tools readily available to us, we do not have many resources, and make it work, " he added.


The specific focus of the game in the adidas Exchange Programme is based on the Coerver method, which provides advanced training to the technical community in a course of 12-14 hours duration, with practical and theoretical modules . When completed the course , the technicians are trained to implement better programs and share their new skills to other coaches in their communities.


"In my case , the program has opened up a range of options. I learned new exercises and a working formula based on time : how to present the child through an exercise in three minutes pass and then follow with clear and gradually move to pass, dribble and uncheck "said Alan Frank da Gama Instituto de Desenvolvimento , Educação e Cultura da Amazônia (Institute of Development, Education and Culture of the Amazon) , working with football and futsal from a social perspective , aimed at children from Manaus - . , coach IDESCA Nunes "I'm satisfied. I have learned , I have met people , we have given the email addresses and keep in touch , the future is very promising. "