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May 23,2014

4000 orders information need to be updated!


Sorry for the delay caused by the EA system maintenance. Your orders might be delayed due to wrong player information or expired duration of player auction which you need to update. Even though Fifacoinsbuy.com has finished 20000 orders and there are still about 4000 orders we could not contact successfully for updating player information. Please do check your email for our delivery notes. To update your player auction information please click (http://www.fifacoinsbuy.com/checkorder.cfm).


To guarantee a faster delivery on FIFA14 Coins and we have invested 1,000,000 US dollars in delivery system upgrading and researches. We will let all of you know regarding our development outcome soon.



There is 5% discount for you as compensation, you can save money when your next purchase before June 30.



Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


FIFACOINBUY Operation Team