Save Money? Just Pay with Bitcoin

Aug 01,2014

What's Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency made for the internet, and isn't based on a physical bill or commodity. It's held in digital wallets and can be hosted nearly anywhere: smartphones, computers ore even flash drives. Customers can use their wallets to quickly send or accept Bitcoin payments of any size, for a tiny fee.


What Are The Advantages of Using Bitcoin?


Advantage on Enjoy 5% off directly at total amount.


Scale globally. Grow with the most reliable infrastructure in the industry, available everywhere. Offer experiences in 40 languages, instantly price in 150 currencies, and leverage BitPay’s quickly growing, international team to get an edge.


Charge $1, get $1. Instant conversion, no transaction fee, and bank deposits in USD,GBP,EUR and more. We take the bitcoin exchange rate risk, your customers get the best rate on the market, and you get a payment you can count on, every time.


How Do I Pay with Bitcoin at
1.Choose your desire coins, items or keys
2.Add your products to shopping card
3.Register to be a member or place order by guest and fill your information
4.Select payment method:Bitpay.
5.Confirm your order information,especially your order amount
6.Pay with your Personal Securety Client,Mobile Wallet or the Third Part Payment
7.Say "thanks" when pay successfully; Say failed or try again if pay unsuccessfully.