Why I have not received my coins?

Jan 19,2015

Why I have not received my coins?

Dear customer, we are so sorry for any delay. Please read the follow steps if your order delivery delay than 30 min.

1、please click this link to check the status of your order.


Or you can find the checking entrance on the website home page.

Step 1 : Find the“order status”——Home page

2、 Please keep in mind your order id number for your information security, because you need to enter into your order email and order ID number to check your order status. You also can contact us through live help or email to provide us your order email address to find back your lost order ID number.


Step 2:Check your  shipping status

    3、Please re-list your player and provide the new correct player information to us if you find your shipping status shows WL or PWL( WL\PWL means we cannot find your player information which you list on your order)

Note: Prefer bronze players for sale. This will make it much easier to find your player

Please be sure of the follow information that you entered into. It will help us to find your player soon.


Step 3:Update your player info

Player Name: Please choose the player according to the match that we provide and try to choose the player that you do not need.

Position: Please choose the position of your list player.

Ultimate Team name: Please be sure of the accuracy of your Ultimate Team name

Player level:Choose Bronze Player Level will speed up the delivery 50%!

Auction Duration:please set 3 days


Payment problem:

If we did not receive the payment, you will not receive your credits. If this occurs, please check and call your bank to make sure your payment has been go through successfully?

If you paid with the security credit card, please confirm if your card can support oversea payment or not?

Or if you used CashU or Bitcoins but we you didn’t received any payment confirmed email, you can offer your email or transaction ID to us so that we can check the payment status for you.

Please do not worry about this issue, because we will never charge the payment, if he has not been went through (error in the payment process). If he has been charged, then please contact us. Use the means detailed below contacts. Always put your player on sale.

We should call you:

We may want to verify your identity and authorization by phone call confirmation (this safety can fight against fraud). We will call you when you are available on your time zone. If you do not speak English, please just tell us your name and email on the phone for example. If you missed our phone call, please check your email and be prepared to respond if another call is coming.

Documents confirm need:

Some orders will get an email to asking documents before processing. It is really a big trouble to offering the picture of Photo ID, driver license or copy of credit card, but please do not worry about it. We do not asking everyone to do this but just for them who really with a big payment, the bank information is abnormal, etc. As we mentioned above, devote to run the safe business is our goal. So we have the responsibility to protect your billing account from any hackers. Your understanding will get our great appreciation.