FIFA 16 – The media scores released with high praise

Sep 23,2015


FIFA 16 released in North America yesterday. I’m sure many fans have already played the game. What do you think of FIFA 16? How about check the scores from the media first?
IGN – 7.8
Digital Spy – 4/5
Bleacher Report – 8/10
GameSpot – 9/10
Polygon – 9/10
New Game Network – 86%
The Guardian – 5/5
Ars Technica – PES2016 already defeated FIFA 16
Viewed from above, FIFA 16 doesn’t continue the all high praise for FIFA series, it is the first time that there have opposition and doubt, they think FIFA is no longer the best football game for this year. PES2016 perform well this year and let FIFA 16 feel a sense of crisis.
Of course, the scores from last 8 media are most high praise except IGN and Ars Techinica, and the British "The Guardian" even gives full score. Overall, there have many more positive assessments for FIFA 16
After all, sales are everything!