The Most Realistic Football Game - FIFA 16

Oct 19,2015


FIFA are making progress every year, this year, FIFA 16 shows further close to the game for dealing of details.
About Bundesliga details:
First, Bundesliga standings situation will be reflected in the game, and it’s same with the Bundesliga standings in realistic world.
New face on players and updates:
This year there are more than 450 players’ face get updated, include new faces and original would get modified. These new and updated stars mainly in the Premiership, La Liga, Women's National Team and so on. Moreover EA also on the part of the legendary star's face has been recaptured.
On weather changes:
Game weather will change this year. Which is adds to 9 types of weather. Include the sunny, cloudy, rain and snow, and there also will add fog, haze, few clouds and other weather. Besides rain and snow are not static but will change randomly.
Sound cheer on site:
FIFA 16 will join the sound with more than 900 fans cheers, there will cover from South America to Europe. Such as Paris Saint-Germain "Allez Paris" and Liverpool "When The Reds Go Marching In" will be reflected in the game.
About the new celebration:
Now celebrating action will have a new perspective, players can go to recently cameraman after making celebration or run to the bench to celebrate with his teammates.
Story of the Season:
Newly added elements will make you fully immersed in the club season worldview. The narrator will do commentary on key events: like important players or team's performance, the first show of the great players, transfer rumors and so on. The game will be the removal of live effects and commentary interesting statistics for the current race team, also cited the team's league ranking and other information.
About Commentary:
The commentary for FIFA 16 will include Arabic, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Dutch. There will also new to Russian this year. Commentary on these languages will be able to experience on all of platform.