FIFA 16 Patch for PC, PS4, Xbox One Out Now

Nov 11,2015


FIFA 16 1.03 update patch released, this update is mainly to enhance the stability of the game and solve some BUG, here are the updated details:


What's new:
- Add a part of players head, this update focused on the clubs which newly to Premier League;
- New add the third set jersey of Rome, Barcelona, and Inter Milan;


The main purpose of this update is to enhance the stability of the game, this section includes:
- Improve condition that player online match opponents;
- Fix a problem when the team did not score but a celebration;
- Fix a problem that FIFA Online Season to record the results of determination;
- Fix some Pro club flag displays the wrong ones;
- Fix a small part of the players to be reset achievements in Pro club;
- Fix the problem that due to screen size changes cannot be saved correctly (PS4 platform)

Apart from this, UT mode has also been updated:
-When adjusting the player price in the market who’s ready to sell goods, a price will automatically default to the highest price for the goods;
- Price comparisons contract items are improved.
- Fix the role of the players when keeper as the default option;
- Fix the problem that a football doesn’t match the game;
-Fix the problem that players in the concept of sharing the team but show the wrong information when send it to a friend;
- Fix a problem in using historical jersey when challenge friends lineup.